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ChengDu Mayor LiangZhi Tang attending the tea conference of "YuNengTong road show"

On February 14, 2015, vice secretary of chengdu municipal party committee of chengdu city of sichuan province, mayor LangZhi

Tang visited our company to attend the tea conference of "YuNengTong road show" and put forward some constructive Suggestions on the development of our company.

A few days ago, our company took part in “the business enterprise tianfu jing rong conference”, and made a wonderful speech, deeply the government leadership of the importance and recognition.At today's tea gathering, the company told the mayor about the company's innovative projects and new products, and offered to build a garage to give young people more jobs.Tang mayor seriously after extraction of everyone's speech emphasized that innovation is the first productivity, we need those who dare to innovation, the pursuit of excellence, to provide more employment opportunities for our society.It can also really improve people's standard of living.The mayor also asked kindly what support the company needed from the government in those areas and what kind of support is needed.


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